The Dish On Super Bowl Prop Bets Provided By Oregon Sportsbooks

Written By Marian Rosin on February 9, 2022
Prop bets for Super Bowl LVI provided by Oregon sportsbooks

What are prop bets?

I just bet the dog that you would read this Super Bowl article all the way through to the end.

That’s a prop bet. It’s not based on who wins and who loses a game, which would be a regular sports bet.

“Prop,” when used in “prop bets” regarding sports competitions, stands for proposition bets. Not to be confused with “props” as in “propers” — slang for respect that’s earned and due, like in the Aretha Franklin classic tune. Nor like “props” in the theater and movies.

Prop bets generally involve small stakes and small bets. They can happen while a game is actually going on.  Skilled prop bets rely on knowledge of things like player abilities and statistics. Fun prop bets are…fun, and sometimes downright silly.

How to make a Super Bowl prop bet in Oregon

Considering football contributed $9.70 million to Oregon’s +40% handle jump in September 2021, it’s a reasonable bet that there are a good number of Oregonians who might want to wager on the Super Bowl.

Also, factor in the more than 300% jump in newly registered online sports bettors in September alone.

Bettors can make sports wagers in Oregon:

  • Through the Oregon Lottery & DraftKings
  • Via the retail sportsbooks at tribal casinos Chinook Winds Casino Resort and Spirit Mountain Casino

Prop bets and the Super Bowl

One of the most popular Super Bowl prop bets is, “Who will be MVP?”

Now obviously, if it were a year when Tom Brady was playing in the Big Game, almost everyone would likely put their money on him. After all, he was named MVP five times.

But Tom Brady has announced his retirement. Yes, it’s true. And there is no Santa Claus. Sorry.

Quarterbacks have taken the MVP title more than any other position in the Big Game’s history — 31 times in total. And it may be counterintuitive, but the MVP doesn’t even have to come from the winning team.

That only happened once, though, in 1971’s Super Bowl V (also known as the “Blunder Bowl”), when Dallas Cowboys linebacker Chuck Howley took the award even though his team had lost to the Baltimore Colts.

And in Super Bowl XII, Harvey Martin and Randy White shared the MVP title.

According to on Jan. 31, the Rams’ Matthew Stafford ranked on that date as the favorite to be named MVP this year, with the Bengals’ Joe Burrow coming in second. concurred on Feb. 1, with odds at:

  • Matthew Stafford (-110)
  • Joe Burrow (+210)

Flipping for it

Another very popular Super Bowl prop bet is “Who will win the coin toss?”

The Super Bowl coin toss decides which team gets the ball in each half.

With the coin toss, everyone, including the dog,  has— arguably, it seems— a 50-50 chance of guessing correctly. Taking that as true, though, for our purposes here, even if the NFC has won the coin toss the last three years, that in no way guarantees or even slightly suggests the AFC will win or not win it this year.

To think otherwise is known as “the gambler’s fallacy.” Statistics won’t give anyone an edge in deciding whether to bet heads or tails; nor will a Magic 8-Ball.

That’s why you might see the coin toss odds listed like this in sportsbooks:

Heads: +100
Tails: +100 calls the pregame coin-toss wager “the purest of all sports bets.”

The color of the Gatorade bath/shower received by the winning coach has proved a consistently popular Super Bowl prop bet, too.

Props for props

Other Super Bowl prop bets may currently include:

  • Who will lead at halftime?
  • Will the game go into overtime?
  • Who will score the first touchdown?
  • Will any player other than a quarterback throw a touchdown pass?
  • Will there be a safety?

Wagerers can even place prop bets on the halftime show, including:

  • Who will perform first?
  • How many songs will be performed?
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